About Wedeal Meet and Greet

About We Deal Meet and Greet Service WEDEAL

At we deal meet and greet, we will bring to you numerous choices for you to choose from. Our website and call centre staff will provide you with the best price and service and price all across the UK. Our secure payment system compliments our service and customer trust.

How It Works

We will go through the entire meet and greet services in the selected airport and provide you with the best option. We will do all the investigation in to the parking compound and services, so that you don't have to go through all the hassle yourself.

Why Book Online

Booking online is easier, faster and more secure. All you will need to do is put you details in and we will provide you with a quote. When you are happy you can proceed with your booking and we will send all the relevant documentation/information to you.

Our Tips

 Compare transportation costs to and from the airport.

We understand how much a taxi and train will cost to and from the airport. With all the transportation costs on an increase it is only logical to use your own transport. In addition to this is more convenient to bring your own transportation which will save you the hassle of asking anyone else.

 Avoid booking directly from car park.

When booking directly from car parks you are more likely to be charged a premium rates. Our prices are based on bulk rates which often are cost effective and more reliable.

 Book parking in advance.

This method is always the best. We recommend our customers to book in advance as this can give you a saving up to 60%. Booking in advance also allows you to have a parking space reserved for you, so you are not left disappointed.

  Choose the right product.

When choosing a service please do check what the product has to offer to you. Look in to the price, procedure and service. Look in to the reviews of the companies which is generated from our customers feedback about the contractor. Most of all chose the product which will suit you.

 Allow plenty of time.

It is important to read through your instructions to find out when you should arrive at the airport, however we would recommend you should arrive at least 30-40 minutes before your departure. Although it is advised that you arrive at the airport well before your flight, this is for various reasons as we want you to drive safely and not rush to the airport.

 Arriving home.

It is ample that you follow the guidelines given in order to have your car and driver to greet you on your arrival, however we will recommend to call the car park once you have received your luggage.

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